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Bachelor Degree Program in Psychology


Psychology is the science of behavior and the mind. The study of psychology provides an understanding of the basic processes of sensation, perception, learning, cognition, development, and personality along with principles of social psychology, clinical psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. Knowledge of psychological principles and of scientific methods for evaluating theories and research in the social sciences is essential in our rapidly changing society. The 4-year degree in Psychology provides a challenging major that includes a strong science-oriented training component. The basic goal is to provide a degree program that emphasizes the scientific foundation of psychology along with a strong basic science background to better prepare students for advanced training in psychology, medicine, cognitive science, neuroscience, and other related disciplines. The B.S. degree program is explicitly aimed at helping to prepare students for advanced graduate study in the sciences and science-based professions.

Job Opportunities

Students who earn a 4-year degree in psychology are well prepared for graduate study in psychology and related mental health fields, graduate study in medicine, education, law, or business, and other careers that require a good understanding of individual behavior and interpersonal relations. The move toward preventing illness, rather than merely diagnosing and treating it, requires people to learn how to make healthy behavior a routine part of living. Indeed, many of the problems facing society today are problems of behavior, for example, drug addiction, poor personal relationships, violence at home and in the street, and the harm we do to our environment.

Bachelor Degree Program in Psychology

The degree consists of the general requirement courses (12 credits), breadth requirement courses (12 credits), core psychology courses (28 credits), required courses (24 credits), required elective (36 credits), free electives (12 credits). Totally 124 credits are to be completed for the Degree Program in Psychology. Students must complete English proficiency requirements of Mazoon College, before seeking admission to Accounting Program.
Students are offered the opportunity to have their internship sessions at international spots. An international internship is a great chance for the student to explore...

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